Words for 2016

Welcome to the New Year!

2015 has faded into yesterday. 2016 is brand new and waiting to be filled with new experiences, emotions and the people who help make them happen. And what might that be? Who knows. I have learned that the future is often uncertain. The only thing I can be certain of is—words.

Do not think me pessimistic with those thoughts. Time can change in an instant and all the best laid plans are vulnerable to it. Will the people who surround you at the beginning of the year be there to say goodbye to it 12 months later? Only time will tell and it is fickle with its secrets.

So whether events come to pass, people fade, or enter your world, time will continue to tick and offer up life as it sees fit. My job is to mark its passing with a few words to say I was here and that I noticed. Those words might be joy, love, anticipation or inspiration. Conversely, I might note tears, sorrow, fear or disappointment. I would like to see travel, knowledge, learning and laughter spattered into the days ahead, but bravely stand in the face of all to come. I must value it all as experience. And as a writer I vow to put a few new words to 2016 as best I can.

Bring it…

WORDS for 2016
WORDS for 2016

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