Christmas Gift Giving for Clients

Skip the junk and give something meaningful this year
Skip the junk and give something meaningful this year

There are two weeks til Christmas and seemingly not enough time for words for me. While some take the lead up to Christmas as a great time to catch up on tasks, as clients are busy celebrating, I am just as busy as they are. There are presents to buy and wrap, for family and as appreciation gifts for clients, not to mention the million other myriad details that go into planning the holidays.

Overwhelmed? No way! I just need another rum and eggnog and I’m good to go…

Honestly though, I sometimes struggle to figure out how to deal with the holidays; the inevitable gift giving which isn’t obligatory, but seen as a nicety, and where to draw the line. Should one buy gifts for clients? How much is appropriate to spend? Depending upon how well you know them, what makes a good gift for someone you have a business relationship with?


This year I’ve decided to do something different. The plan is to buy school essentials in the name of my valued clients. Aside from a bottle of wine or perhaps a trinket that just screams their business, it might just be the most appropriate thing. I don’t know if they have need of anything and can’t hazard a guess as to favourite colours or the like. Making a donation in a client’s name is thoughtful and just might be appreciated the most. And as education is important to me (my education is probably appreciated by clients as well), this meaningful gift couldn’t be better.

Thanks for the idea Plan Canada! Shopping (for clients) is now done.

How do you handle Christmas gift giving for clients over the holidays?


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