Summer: Wistful Thoughts


I have to admit it. On this last official day of summer vacation, I am a little sad to say goodbye. I had a fabulous summer and as always seems to happen, it flew by far too quickly. There were beach days, road trips, campouts and more. We got together with friends and family, and met new people along the way. We grooved to music at outdoor concerts and in. Quiet nights passed as we gazed into the embers of campfires far and wide. And I found a measure of energy which had been conspicuously lacking in my world as the days slipped by. I don’t want it to end.

Come Tuesday though the school bell will ring and a return to routines will see myself and my children back into the swing of things. There will be swim lessons and Scout meetings. I will gather with the women in my book club and the parents on school council. More time will be available for me to dictate to clients, which is good as demands seem to have increased, but there will be less time for sleeping in and cuddling with my babies in the morning. While I know it is a good thing, I still mourn the life of leisure which will be hog-tied by calendar days once more.

So this weekend, I will hold on to the last of those lazy summer days with my kids. We just might pitch a tent in the yard. A campfire could be in order too, complete with marshmallows if we can find them. Who know, perhaps a day at the beach is in order as well, what with temperatures expected in the 30s. All in the name of regenerating our souls in preparation for a new school year. The prospect of learning new things, meeting new friends and seeing old friends is exciting too, but for today I just want to hold on to the gift that was this summer.

Campfires: a staple of summer

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