I just need to share. I have said it before, but I love what I do. I really do. Life seems to be giving back to me and I am tickled beyond belief. I hope I’m not tempting fate, but my happy dances just keep on coming and I’m thrilled!

So what’s going on? I have connected with three new clients since the spring, all of whom I consider quality companies who care about their communities, their employees, and the world. What’s not to love about that?! A long-time client has expanded what I am doing for them. Works for me! And they came up with a neat idea for some blog posts, which will get me out and meeting even more great people. They would like me to interview some of the companies whom they work and network with.

Wouldn’t you jump at the chance to meet more people whom someone you admire thinks highly of? I did. And I met with the first company this week. Today I published a post on local business Hedley Bennett Truck Parts for CLC Tree Services. I had promised the owner I would send a link to the article and promptly emailed it to her.

This is the part that made me proud to be a writer. This evening I received a heart-warming letter from the Hedley’s wife Pattie, which I have to share;

Dear Katherine       
As I write this I wipe tears from my eyes.   What you wrote is wonderful.   God your good at what you do !!!!!!!!!!!!!    I hope our paths cross in the future.  If I have the opportunity to refer you to someone I certainly will.   Please know you are always welcome and it was a pleasure talking with you. 
Hudsonly  Pattie

I am glowing. There are no other words. That level of appreciation touches me to the core. It makes me so proud and brings a hint of a tear to my own eye. I do my best when I write and apparently, my best is pretty darn good. Writing for a living seems like the best thing in the world I could do right now.

Thank you Pattie. You have made my night.


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