Fading Days of Summer

Summer is zipping by; almost gone! We are well into August and the days are counting down to every parent’s favourite time of year—Back to School! As much as I deeply love days spent on the beach, nights by the campfire, and waking to the sound of nothing more annoying than birds chirping, I too have checked the calendar to note how many days are left of summer;

18 days to go!

As much as I put in the effort to keep writing in the summer, more often than not my clients are the only ones who see much fresh content on their pages during summer break. My personal time gets divided between spending quality time with my kids and catching up with family and friends. Words are something I read in other people’s books as I lie on the beach working on (not my manuscript) my tan.

I know that as a writer I should practice my craft every day, but when I step away from WiFi, I do my best to leave the office behind. I cram writing assignments into the few days when my children are in summer camp or otherwise occupied on the lower level of the house. The occasional babysitter helps me get to a few events too. This year the girls have even come with me to capture a few moments for clients as well (they loved the day at the playground). “Take your Kids to Work” days were fun, seeing me in action talking to people and scribbling it all down, so as to work my magic with words once we returned home.

Realistically though, I could use a return to routine. I have picked up a few new clients this summer and cannot keep putting them off due to extended vacations (Sorry I can’t work. It’s time for G&Ts on the beach). I have to pay for all those road trips somehow! So, as much as I will cherish the last of my sleep-in days over the next two weeks, I think it’s time to dip my pen in the ink again.

And the bonus? It’s only 10 months til next summer!

Summer Sunset on the Beach
Fading days of Summer

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