Summer Camp: A Break for All

Summer Loving
Summer Loving

Yippee! I have finally arrived at a cherished time in the summer holidays—my kids are in summer camp!!!

Does it make me an awful parent that I am so excited by this? Bah! Far from it. They are super excited as well. They will get to meet new friends, play fun games, learn new skills and have a blast. All away from me.


During the rest of the year, I spend most of my time alone tapping away at my keyboard. I occasionally get together with friends and other writers to socialize and network, but usually have my space a quiet reserve, ideal for creativity. So when summertime comes and the kids are home all day, I have to learn how to be creative with a little more noise in the background and a few more distractions on the horizon. Of course that is also one of the big reasons why I work from home in the first place. So I can enjoy all that quality time with the kids when I can and while they still want to.

But as for this week, I am looking forward to a little ‘me’ time. And it has kick-started some creativity already. When I was at the gym this morning a story idea came to me while I was punishing myself for my summer fun on the elliptical. I snagged a piece of paper from the trainer’s desk to quickly save my thoughts before moving on to a bike. And am most especially pleased by the fact that my grey matter hasn’t rotted away since the holidays began.

How do you keep your writing on track during the summer?

2 thoughts on “Summer Camp: A Break for All”

  1. I am very much wishing I had send my little angels away to camp this year! I am terribly behind in my summer reading and with the constant whinning of my kids as they attempt to entertain themselves and each other, I am not getting to writing as often as I would like either. I am seriously considering disappearing to a park or coffee shop for a few hours just for some peace and quiet.


    1. Do it Sarah! You deserve it as much as they do. They might even appreciate you a little more for the break. I’ve only got the week, but it is good for all of us.


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