Scarlet cup
~Sometimes we have to look a little harder to find the beauty in life~


So my coffee date got rescheduled. Right after I got all excited and wrote my last post about it. Sigh… ☹

But I am not going to let that get me down. As writers, we are slaves to deadlines and I completely respect that. So I used the setback to push me a little in other directions. Meeting new writers is great, but I happen to already know some great writers and it’s high time I reconnected with them too.  So today I will be meeting with the lovely and talented Suzanne for a cup of conversation in the village.

Working from home is great, but the routine needs to be shaken up a bit every once in a while with human interaction. And I am due. I am looking forward to hearing about her life, her writing, and the teaching she does. I just might share a bit of my journey too. Our paths have had a similar bend that somehow drew us together and I value sharing those stories to benefit each other.

And I have to share that Suzanne inspires me. She faces the hurdles life throws at her and keeps going. Even better, she writes about them. I know she writes to understand, to process and to pull strength from those around her. We all have challenges and hers have been monumental in the last few years. Writing has been a way for her to weather her storms. While she might not always see her strength, I do, and I suspect she will emerge larger than life when she least expects it.

Why? I believe.

I believe in the power of hurt to transform. I believe in the power of self to fall on your knees, but continue to crawl. I believe in opening your eyes in the morning, even when you don’t know what the day will hold. I believe that tomorrow holds magic. And promise. And that we can all access that if only we believe.

Optimist? Sounds like it. But without the power of positive thought I wouldn’t have kept going when life threw storms my way. I wouldn’t have started writing my pains, sorrows and questions in journals even when those words wouldn’t change the outcome of the day. And I certainly would have put the idea of writing a book out of my head long ago. Those stories aren’t dead though. They still want to be told. And they will be. Because writing is sharing, and sharing helps to lighten many loads. And sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration from friends to keep those words alive.

So today I look forward to sharing a few words with an amazing person and basking in the inspiration I know she will fill me with, whether she realizes it or not.

2 thoughts on “Believe”

    1. I look forward to getting together with you again soon Suzanne. Cheers to renewed relationships, lovely afternoons and the people we get to spend them with.


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