Battling Isolation: A Writer’s Coffee Date

Garden in springI love the spring. The weather warms up, flowers bloom and everyone gets outside to enjoy nature and each other’s company again. Markets re-open and gardens beckon. Housework takes a back seat (at least at my house), and the outside world shines in the spotlight. The labour it takes to make it sparkle is all worthwhile when you can step back and see the results.

Sometimes we have to put in the effort to make other aspects of our life shine too.

For the last few weeks my weekend ministrations have been balanced with plenty of excursions away from my desk during the week too. There have been field trips with my children’s school (Festival of Trees, Kusterman’s berry farm, track and field), as well as events with clients (Aerial Rescue Training, tree planting). They are good fun and a perk of working from home, as I get to schedule in time to socialize with others aside from just my cat and the plants in the garden.

Don’t get me wrong. Working from home is great when you can fit in activities like that, but when they are few and far between, life can sometimes feel isolating. So that’s why when I was handed a business card of a fellow local freelance writer by her husband at one of the events I attended recently, I jumped at the chance to contact her. I have to admit I was a wee bit nervous that she wouldn’t appreciate my email…

“You gave my card to who? What were you thinking?!”

But was pleasantly surprised when she seemed excited to connect. We all know the perks of working from home (set your own hours, freedom to schedule appointments at your convenience, blah, blah, blah, etc), but the drawbacks can be pretty tough on occasion too (isolation, hard to make new contacts, etc.).

So after emailing back and forth a date has been set to meet for coffee this week. And I can’t wait to meet her. I hope to find a kindred spirit, inspiration, a new motivator, possible a new beta reader or editor, and hopefully a new friend. Making new contacts isn’t always easy, but it is worth the effort if I can build my writing network.

How do you handle working from home and the inherent isolation it can bring?

4 thoughts on “Battling Isolation: A Writer’s Coffee Date”

  1. Coffee with friends for sure. Morning walks with (writer) friends; half an hour and at my desk by 9:00 a.m. Joining PWAC ( where I have met and befriended many like-minded writers who have become long-term friends. We have coffee, group gatherings. If I have a challenge I can call them. I am also on several writers’ listserves/forums where I take a break to read new posts or get in on the conversation (a virtual coffee break).

    Getting away from my desk for a break = walking or riding my bike to a local coffee shop.

    It’s challenging for sure but in the end it’s great, especially when I’m busy with work. Time flies by on its own.

    Good luck with your coffee companion. I’m sure you’ll find a kindred spirit.


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