A Social Day

Training Day
Training Day for CLC Tree Services

Yesterday, I spent the day in Talbotville, ON learning about aerial rescues for arborists. No, I haven’t changed my career path. I have a client who is a tree services company and they offered me the opportunity to accompany their crew on a training day. Their thoughts were that I might learn something new about the industry to potentially share on their blog.

And lunch was included. I never pass up a free lunch.

One of the perks of working from home is that I have the opportunity to attend events like this. I had to make some minor arrangements for getting my kids to and from school, but other than that it was an excellent chance to get out and learn more about what my client does on a daily basis and the risks they face. I am a writer and can research anything I need to in order to write an interesting article about anything tree related (or anything else for that matter), but there is something to be said for real-time experience. I got to talk to the crew in person, plus other tree service companies, industry professionals and the instructors that were there. You cannot beat that for research.

I wrote pages of notes, which I now have to sift through for story ideas, but the better part of the day was the interactions. I got personal stories from the people I met. I took pictures of people and actual products that they use on the job. I listened to the instructor explain best practices in the language of the field and watched as the people in attendance soaked it all in. Plus I exchanged business cards with a few people, who may or may not cross my path again in the future.

The opportunity for networking wasn’t lost on me. Working from home is usually a solitary existence, so days when I have the excuse to get out and be amongst people are a blessing. Sharing the story of what I do and how I promote social media for clients is good for me, them and anyone who is still wondering whether they should be social too. I realize that not everyone has the time or inclination to do it themselves, but any business small or large that is operating today needs to face facts that they need to be social if they want to survive. And their lack of time and skill is what gives me a job. I can talk the talk and use the jargon. And like to think that I do a reasonable job of it. When I hear tell that industry professionals read and follow my client’s blog and social media sites, it tells me that I am doing something right.

So while I might not be able to hog-tie a beaner and personally tie in to a victim to lower them out of a tree, my client has had a refresher course in it and I have a better idea of what they face on a daily basis. A few people have personally asked me to send them a link to the article I will write, so I consider that a perk for my client. And I know a few others have thought a little more on the world of social media and how they can maximize or at least enter it. Promoting Social Media benefits the industry and my place in it, so I consider it a day well spent.

How do you get out and get social?

Your words make my day. Thanks for commenting!

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