Word Police

The Language Police strike.

I read an interesting article at Daily Writing Tips and I just had to share. The article took a look at the book ‘The Language Police’ by Diane Ravitch. The book itself focuses on words which are no longer encouraged for textbooks.

This was a partial list of words covered in a book;

via Word Police – Word cloud – WordItOut.

What do you think about this? Do you agree with this list? Would you add any words or take a few of them out?

3 thoughts on “Word Police”

  1. Won’t be long before we’ll be down to so few acceptable words that all books will read like Dick and Jane.


    1. @Timoteo: I hope not! Language has such beautiful nuances. I know that changes happen, but when we lose words due to instances like this, it can be sad.

      Let’s keep the yachts alive! 😉


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