My Anniversary

Three years ago…

According to WordPress, that is when I started A Writer’s Take. Not that my first blog post went live then. On March 23rd, 2012, I just snagged the url. And admittedly, the blog was originally little more than a mistake that I never deleted. But I knew there was potential there. So I saved the site and bided my time.

Because we all make mistakes, but sometimes they are the best source of inspiration. Am I not right?

Anyway, I published my first post in June of that year. After a hiatus, I followed that post up with another one in September, and then published a few more over the weeks and months that followed. I’m not breaking any speed records, but I now have over 100 posts and have amassed over 250 followers in the last three years. That is something to be proud of, in my books.

So what have I done here, you wonder? I have shared links to writing contests, spotlights on Canadian writers (of which I’d like to see more), ways to beat writer’s block, inspirational quotes, perks and drawbacks of being a writer, and a peak into my life as a writer. All while trying to network with other writers and support our writing community. There will be plenty more to come too.

What do you think? Do I deserve balloons and cake yet? Should I pick up the pace or direct my focus elsewhere? I know! How about I share some cake with you. A little bribe works every time, right?

Don’t forget to please share with others who might need a little inspiration to keep writing and sharing themselves. I can use all the writing friends I can get.

Happy Anniversary to me!

birthday cake
Join me in celebration!

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