Feeling nervous. Taking a step today. It might amount to nothing, but it is still a leap in my life as a writer.

I am meeting with the Writer-in-Residence for the London Public Library and Western University today. I sent him an excerpt from my travel memoir about my journey through Africa. Today I get the critique. Will it break me, inspire me or help me grow a thicker skin? We shall see.

What steps have you taken to become a better writer?


6 thoughts on “Critique”

  1. As a writing instructor I never change the ‘voice’ of the writer. Writing is also subjective. If the critique has merit you will see a positive transformation. If you agree with some things, but not others, incorporate what you feel has merit and remove the rest. If it’s nit picky or the changes are massive, walk away and chalk it up to lesson learned and find a kinder reader focused on your target market.


    1. Thanks Suzanne. I know you know of what you speak. And while Gary certainly had suggestions, he did not break me. Created work for me, yes, but all valid suggestions.

      I am not quite back to the drawing board, but I am back at the beginning again. Now to flesh out a few scenes…


      1. Sounds like you saw value in it. Excellent. Unfortunately sometimes it does require a rewrite but you had the bones to work with and saw the validity in the critique. I’m sure it will be even better the next time around and you will feel very satisfied with the results! 🙂 Enjoy the process.


  2. I knew he wouldn’t “break you.” The work is good and you are a strong writer. I applaud your initiative in soliciting his critique. It can only help your manuscript.


    1. Thank you Patti.

      Know that you helped to give me the courage to go further to solicit more critiques. It was a bit daunting to ask for help from a Writer-in-Residence; the position itself adds such prestige as to make him feel unreachable. That being said, he welcomed me to come back again soon to share my edits and further sections of my tale. So encouraging!

      And the best part – I left with a huge grin. 😀


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