Getting to Know You

So I told you that I am taking a writing course. It is an online course and we are a week in. So far so good. It has been a relatively easy week. We have all introduced ourselves and were given our first assignment. Guess what it is.

We have to write a blog! 

Oh boy, another space where I get to take words out of my head to share, compare and comment. The interesting thing is not so much my words though, as other people’s take on the process. Very few of the other people in the course have blogs. Many of them are journal writers, but the idea of sharing beyond the oh so personal journal page is daunting. I get that, but I also find myself looking back at me while reading these people’s thoughts.

As I wrote my first blog post almost six years ago, I feel like those initial inhibitions have faded somewhat. Apparently I have a certain level of confidence. Don’t get me wrong! I could still use plenty more growth, but it would seem that playing with words all these years has been good for me. I remember well tentatively thinking about calling myself a big “W” writer and being daunted by the thought, let alone the action. Now I know that just the act of putting words to page makes anyone a writer. The trick is to be the best writer you can be!

Do I have a leg up in the course? Maybe, but not necessarily. Does it matter? Not a jot. I am taking the course to expand my knowledge and perhaps hone my skills a little more. Hopefully I will make acquaintances with some other local writers and we will all increase our confidence in the process.

For now though, I need to mull over our next assignment. I need to write about my first childhood memory. Off to history class for me!


Are you comfortable sharing your thoughts and words? Does that make you a Writer? What is your definition?

3 thoughts on “Getting to Know You”

  1. I started blogging with short fiction over five years ago. I was a bit uncomfortable at first until I realized what a tiny drop in a huge ocean of bloggers I was, and that hardly anyone would see what I wrote. At that point, it became a (mostly) private exercise like singing in the shower. Definition of a writer? Whatever anyone wants it to be. I’ve been paid to write (boring business and technical stuff) for others, so I was “a professional writer,” I guess. But I never became the Writer I aspired to be. I’m still just singing in the shower.


  2. Tiny drop in the ocean – that is indeed what we are. But as you are well aware, it is when we reach out to read and comment on other people’s writing, that our own words go further. And from personal experience, it is other people’s encouragement that can keep us writing even when our inspiration seems to run dry.

    Anyone can be a writer. Everyone should try, even if just to clear their head from pesky thoughts that keep one up at night. And Patti, your shower voice is great. Keep singing my friend. 🙂


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