So This is Christmas

Christmas Wonderland
Merry Christmas!

Does this time of year seem to overwhelm you more than others? There are decorations to put up, presents to buy, gifts to wrap, food to prepare, Christmas cards to send, friends and neighbours to remember – the list goes on and on. And Hanukkah starts tomorrow with plenty of its own traditions, so there’s another whole demographic with its own holiday chaos to finagle.

Can I share a secret with you though? I kind of like Christmas.

Every year I try to start my Christmas shopping before December, but never finish until Christmas Eve, no matter when I start. Invariably, I forget the babysitter, the long-lost family who’ve shown up to surprise us, or a fresh box of clementines to fill the stockings with.

Note to self;

  • Buy Clementines for stockings

The lists are endless.

But this time of year does bring old friends to mind. And it offers me a time to reflect on the year passed. I think back on what I have done, who I have seen, and who I need to make sure to visit in the year to come. I think about family and those who are closest to me, and how I can express to them my gratitude for them being in my life. I contemplate what my life looks like and envision where I want it to go from here. Sometimes those goals are nothing more than seeing friends who have been absent, while at other times I will significant changes into my future.

Never underestimate the power of mental suggestion.

This past year has seen some personal challenges for me. It has made me reflect on myself and what I accept as right and acceptable. More importantly, it has brought a sense of gratitude for all that I do have. Right now, that is what I want to will more of into my future. I want to cherish my children, value my work, encourage more words to flow, and support other writers in that process. Is that a New Year’s Resolution? Maybe so, but I hope it doesn’t get thrown out after the champagne cork stops rolling in the tinsel. I want to keep the spirit of the holiday season growing.

And I hope that gratitude overwhelms me all year long.

Where are your thoughts during this holiday season?


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