Christmas tree

I am my own worst enemy. I would rather shop when it is quieter, than push the bounds of my patience by hitting the store on a frantic weekend. Lovely! A perk of the job, you say. But when do I make up for those lost hours of productivity – evenings and the occasional snatches on weekends. And that is when my children are around, therefore ignored by Mommy dearest.

Take today, for example. I have my vehicle in getting snow tires put on. A worthy endeavour to be sure, but it resulted in me fitting in a wee bit more Christmas shopping before walking home. And I missed my morning at the gym, which I like to think of as an important part of my work week. If not for the gym I might be 500 lbs sitting behind my computer screen! But again, I walked home and shall walk back again to pick the van up. So a compromise.

One way I tried to cut down on time spent in a mall this year was via online shopping. I can check my clients social media pages, buy a few books from Chapters, then dash off a blog post about how to pick and care for the perfect Christmas tree, all without leaving my desk. That saves time, distracted shopping where errant extra purchases fill a cart, and lowers my petrol costs all in the same beat. Plus, it’s rather exciting to regularly see parcels arrive in the mail. Far superior than the regular bills that pile up there.

Ah, but it’s Christmas! I should just thrill in the season. I will have family gathered at my hearth this year, and will toast goodwill with friends no doubt as well. A positive attitude begets a positive experience, and I am trying to ensure my new year is filled with them.

How do you cope with working from home during the holiday season?


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