Writing Skills: The Stronger the Better

Have you done your homework? It’s time to sharpen your pencils and dust off your erasers my writing friends!

Do you have any post-secondary education? Have you attended workshops, writing groups, or seminars to network or hone your craft? Did you know it’s worth your while when it comes to the bottom line?

That’s right. For those of you who practice your craft regularly, who take it seriously and invest in your skills, plus make efforts to improve your overall writing, there is a difference. Not only do you get better at writing; your grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax and more, but the effort pays off in more ways than one. You might be able to write faster and more eloquently, but the bigger reward is – the better your writing skills are, the higher you tend to get paid.

How is that for incentive?

Now this doesn’t only relate to Writers. People with stronger writing skills in many fields tend to earn more money, as seen in the Grammarly infographic below. As they are in the business of grammar checking, they know the value of the written word. And they were good enough to allow me to share their findings with you today, so thanks to them.

So whether you are a Freelance Writer, in Sales and Marketing, or even an Engineer, it might be worth your while to double-check your text before letting the world see it. Click on your spell check, edit your grammar, or even get someone else to proof-read your writing before you publish anything.

Make your words work for you and hopefully they will help you reap the rewards.

How do you ensure your writing skills are top-notch?

Writing Skills Matter

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