My Book Affair

Books. I love them. I have a bad habit of getting lost in bookstores, whether they be filled with new or used books. I cannot help but run my fingers across glossy covers. I pick up random books to read the back covers on dust jackets. Seeing a favourite author’s name makes me smile. Finding a new favourite author excites me even more.

So when I was asked to help volunteer at my children’s Scholastic Book Sale, what do you think my answer was? Yes, of course! You want me to help children pick out books? Awesome! I get to straighten crisp novels and arrange flashy picture books? Bring it! You are going to give me a $5 discount on purchases? That equals another book on my bedside table or one for the kids. Woohoo! Bring on literacy.

My problem is always how to limit my purchases. There are only so many books one family can read together, right? NAH! Christmas is coming. Guess what everyone is getting under the tree this year? Maybe a few new books to read? You betcha!

Bring on family storytime…

What’s your favourite mode to read with – new books, used books, audio books, or e-books?

Your words make my day. Thanks for commenting!

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