Colours of my World

Today’s Perk of Working from Home – cleaning out my gutters when the weather is cooperative.

The skies are blue. The temperature sits above zero (celsius that is). The sun steadfastly called to me to come and soak up some vitamin D with it. As it rained yesterday (another perk – I took my laptop and worked at a coffee shop for a changeup in wet scenery), and is forecast to continue raining from now until eternity, outdoor activities become less pleasant and downright dangerous for anything as fun as climbing a ladder. Slippery ladders are generally not good for your health. So I decided to take the opportunity to scoop the muck out of my house’s gutters. Good news, all the shingles look alright!


I also took the battery out of my lawn mower for the season. It’s time I figure. This is a homeowner’s way of saying goodbye to the outside world and prepping for old man winter. Doing these things means that my equipment should be in working order when I go to use it again in the spring. Hopefully. And that means more money in my pockets. In theory anyways.

There is plenty more that goes into winterizing a home though. Yesterday I put a cover on my air conditioner. We won’t be needing that for a while. Last week I took a portion of another morning to do other work around the house. I turned off the water to my hoses, rolled them up and stored them, plus cleaned and stored my yard decorations.

Night, night gnomes!

These are things that can be done on evenings or weekends, and I do stuff then as well (20 bags of leaves raked on Sunday alone), but the weather doesn’t always cooperate.  I prefer to take on any home maintenance projects when the weather is amenable. So, it takes a few minutes out of my “work” day. More often than not, those minutes are given back after the kids go to bed in the evening and sometimes even on weekends. Such is the life of a Freelancer.

The gloves are off though and I am back in front of my screen again. Time to tweet for clients, update statuses on Facebook for others, and maybe dash off an article about trees. Back at ‘er!

How do you take advantage of some of the perks of working from home?


Your words make my day. Thanks for commenting!

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