Fall Writing Contests

Time for Fall Writing

Ideas and stories are back. The return to schedules have helped to kick-start my inspiration. Our extraordinarily good fall weather certainly helps too.

Good thing, as this time of year writing contests start ramping back up. Think poetry, fiction, and your best creative nonfiction. There are plenty of contests available. About as many as the colours available in Mother Nature’s autumn palette. Take a look and see…

Fall Writing Contests

Carte Blanche – Creative Nonfiction Contest

DEADLINE: Nov 30th, 2014

  • With a $750 prize up for grabs, Carte Blanche is asking for your original, unpublished creative non-fiction stories (max 3000 words). The competition is open to Canadian residents and citizens.


The Fiddlehead – 24th Annual Literary Contest

DEADLINE: Dec 1st, 2014
ENTRY FEE: $30 for Canadian entries, $36 for entries from elsewhere

  • Time to polish up your best poetry and short stories. The Fiddlehead is looking for up to 3 poems (max 100 lines each) for the Ralph Gustafson Prize for best poem. For the short fiction entry, the word count should be a maximum of 6,000 words. Both categories have two honourable mentions. Entries must be mailed and will receive a one-year subscription to the Fiddlehead.


The Malahat Review – 2015 Open Season Awards

DEADLINE: Nov 1st, 2014
ENTRY FEE: $35 CAN for Canadian entries, $40 US for American entries, $45 US for entries from Mexico and outside North America. Additional entries $15 each.

  • It is open season on entries for the Malahat Review’s contest. They are looking for poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction and have $1000 prizes in each category. The poetry category can have up to 3 poems submitted per entry, with maximum of 100 lines per poem. Fiction and Creative Nonfiction have a 2500 word count maximum. All entries receive a one-year subscription to The Malahat Review.


Prairie Fire – 2014 Annual Writing Contests

DEADLINE: Nov 30th, 2014
ENTRY FEE: $32 – NO emailed of faxed entries

  • Not only are there prizes upwards of $6000 available (first, second and third categories), but all entries receive a one-year subscription to Prairie Fire. They are accepting up to 3 poems, maximum 150 lines in the poetry category. Fiction has a 10,000 word limit with creative nonfiction capping at 5,000 words. All entries must be original, unpublished and not submitted elsewhere.


Prism – Creative Nonfiction Contest

DEADLINE: Nov 21st, 2014
ENTRY FEE: $35 for Canadian entries, $40 for US entries, $45 for International entries

  • Let your entry fee not go wasted, as Prism has prizes worth the fee; a $1,500 grand prize with $300 to the first runner-up and $200 for the second. All entries receive a one-year subscription to Prism. The maximum word count is capped at 6,000 words. Let your creativity flow as you write an original, unpublished piece and expect to hear back by January to see if you made their short-list. If fiction or poetry is more your genre, they have contests for those too, with a deadline of Jan 23rd, 2015.


Do you know of any other writing contests worth entering this fall?

Your words make my day. Thanks for commenting!

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