A Nip in the Air

Time to prepare, while the sun still warms us
Time to prepare while the sun still warms us

There is a nip in the air. I don’t know about your world, but as soon as Labour Day weekend wrapped up, it seemed like Mother Nature decided to hang up the towel on summer. We had one of the hottest days of the season a few days later, but since then rain has been more the staple in our weather diet.

And yesterday? I finally broke down and switched my thermostat from its cool setting to heat.

And it came on…

Oh man!

That doesn’t mean that we need to pull out the snowsuits just yet (although yesterday my kids did try on their jackets and snow pants from last year to see if they still fit). It does mean that we can start to prepare for the change in seasons though. If you work from home like me, that means making sure that your house is prepared for the ravages of winter. Ick. Not only does it make the work environment a little cozier, but it saves on heating costs too.

I’m a writer by trade. I can always use a few extra dollars in my pocket. Couldn’t you?

So while there is still relative warmth outside, why not take the time to make sure your indoors stays that way this winter too.

A Winter-Ready Home Equals a Happier PocketBook

  • Check for cracks around the outside of your home and fill as necessary; either with caulking or via a phone call to your local handyman contractor. Sometimes a professional can save you more money via a job done right, than you ever could.
  • Don’t stop at the foundation. Add caulking and weather-stripping around any and all leaky windows and doors. Your furnace will thank you for it (and pocketbook).
  • Wash off your storm windows and put them back in place; alternately, hit the hardware store for some window cling to seal them up from the inside.
  • Have your furnace cleaned and inspected for the coming season ~ you don’t want it to fail you on the coldest day of the year (which is of course the day it will if left to the fates)
  • For those lucky enough to own a wood-burning fireplace, get it inspected and cleaned too. Chimney fires are a leading cause of residential fires. Don’t tempt fate.
  • Once the leaves start to fall, get up on the roof and clean out your gutters. This ensures that rain water will quickly be directed away from your home. Make sure your downspouts are directed away from the foundation of your home too, so flooding doesn’t become an issue
  • While you are up on your roof, check the state of your shingles. See if any are loose or missing. You’ll need them when the snow starts to pile up, so call your friendly roofer today, if need be!
  • And my favourite pastime – capture some of Autumn’s bounty via a trip to an apple orchard or the farmer’s market and can, freeze, or dry your goods to last all winter long. It tastes so good, and the process of gathering and preserving makes my whole family happy.

What do you do to save money at home?


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