The Phone Call

Garden frog

Long as I sat, the phone did ring today
an old friend was calling, her thoughts from far away
How are you? What do you have to say?
So glad to hear your voice. Thrilled to just say hey…

What did I do to deserve to hear her voice?
Not that I don’t appreciate the friendly rejoice
But with two babes at home she’s looking for more choice
return to work now or supplement her pay invoice

Work from home, is what she craves
Knows I do it and seeks the same
How do I manage? How do I save?
How do I get my bank account to behave?

Not easy questions. No easy answers.
My daily rituals fine, but worthy of more anchors.
Find a hobby fine. Choose your skills that cater.
You’ll need lots of wit and will, and maybe even liquor!


How do you manage to work from home? What ideas could I propose to someone seeking to do likewise? How and should I warn her?


Your words make my day. Thanks for commenting!

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