Some people wonder how it is that I can sit at my desk every day staring at my computer. Don’t you get bored, they wonder. Doesn’t it drive you nuts?

Sometimes, but most of the time the answer is – No.

It’s not like I do the same thing continuously. I check my emails and Facebook, scan for new Pinterest pics to pin, research articles to share on clients social media sites, tweet, update my own sites, and so much more. I upload pictures, comment on others, dig forĀ interesting stats to include in articles, write book reviews on my blog and Goodreads, plus see what people have to say on LinkedIn. I have been known to StumbleUpon stuff. I couldn’t live without my scheduling lifeline at Hootsuite. And what is social media without sharing quippy quotes to spice up one’s feed?

Occasionally I even find time to write! I enjoy the whole process though and find it makes for a richer online experience. It is amazing the fodder one can find on the world wide web. I like the challenge of sifting through the net to see what can be caught in it. There are big fish and small, but I guess I just enjoy being this sort of fisherman, if you will.

And I’ll keep at it until all I pull up are dead fish in my net. Bet that won’t happen anytime soon though…


Your words make my day. Thanks for commenting!

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