Block the Block

I talk about writer’s block here. Often. We all suffer from it. Ultimately, we all get beyond it somehow. But there are some days when a mountain-load full of inspiration is needed/desired/begged for to get you through your slump. I’ve had days like that.


Sometimes much longer than days, but who’s counting?

I have talked about ways I have gone beyond the dreaded BLOCK. I have joked about them. Today though, I have a more powerful tool. One that everyone loves – the Infographic!

It says far more than I could ever hope to in a bright and engaging way. At least that is what the lure of infographics is supposed to do.

You tell me. Is there anything here you hadn’t thought of before? Are there any ideas that resonated with you? How about something that you think just stinks? Leave me a note in the comments either way.

Happy writing!

Created by StudyMode.


Your words make my day. Thanks for commenting!

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