Writing Process

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What do you see when writing?

Questions for a writer:

  • Do you know who your characters are and how they will interact with others within the context of your tale?
  • Can you see where your story is going?
  • Do you know how your story is going to end?
  • Do you have an estimate for how long your story will be?
  • When is the best time for you to write and how do you keep yourself to task?

My answers are;

  • I have a certain amount of vision, but let the story take me in hand as I am writing it. In nonfiction, the characters are easier to identify as well, but then you must remember that they might read the story, so write carefully and ask permission when in question.
  • Direction is never easy, whether it be in real life or in a story told. Sometimes you have to go with the flow and hope for the best!
  • The length of a tale is dictated by how long it takes to tell it and how many page breaks I feel are necessary. Sometimes lots…
  • I try to write when the feeling grabs me, but when that has been elusive in the past, a schedule has worked better.

Do you have any pointers for me? How does your writing process work?


Your words make my day. Thanks for commenting!

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