The Workstation

Time for a little overhaul?
Time for a little overhaul?

I am a writer. Sometimes I head to the local coffee shop for a little inspiration, or a better cup of coffee than I can perk. Other times I take a pad of paper and my camera with me when I go out on location to capture a story (Budding Journalist? Not so sure about that). Most often I drop my children off at school and head right back home to plunk in front of my laptop and tap away at the day’s assignments.

Such is life.

The year has rolled over to 2014 though and that usually has me in mind of changes. I am not a big resolution girl, but I do try to take a look at my life and set some loose goals for the year. Sometimes that requires paint. Other times I have internally worshipped at Cupid’s door. One year my goal was to take my writing career a little more seriously. That got me this little corner of my living room to call my own.

That was the best resolution I have come up with by far. But in looking at my “office” right now, I have to wonder how serious I still take this writing gig. I mean, I can hardly see the surface of my desk! What’s underneath that precarious pile on the corner anyway? Hmm, clay, a book I just finished, pictures, and a course guide for continuing studies.

Hard question now. Does it have to be there? Okay, not so hard I guess, because the answer of course is “no”. So why is it? Uh, a decided fault in my house keeper’s abilities? Um, that would be me. Shoot. Yes, there is no excuse. My children drop stuff off, I put off filing, or I don’t have a proper home for things. All lame answers as to why I am drowning in stuff I don’t need cluttering up my desk.

A clean space equals an open mind, right? Well, how is creativity going to find me amongst the tape, cords, slips of random paper and whatever else gets left on my work surface every day. I think it is time to put my office back on the resolution list. Time to purge, organize, clean, and declutter. Think professional my dear. You are trying to be one!

What does your workspace look like? Are you organized, half-hazard or without a dedicated home for your creativity to flair? What works best for YOU?

2 thoughts on “The Workstation”

    1. Lol, I hear you Patti. That is why I escape to coffee shops on occasion. The clutter can’t (not really anyway) follow me. I would like to reorganize my desk in the very near future regardless. Still the first month of a new year, so still time to work on resolutions. And my filing cabinet downstairs has already been purged and restuffed, so time for my workstation! 🙂


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