Time to Brainstorm



I think I need to dedicate a little time to this activity. I have had ideas come to me in dreams, but the morning light has a way of chewing holes in them. So too does extended breaks from the writing process itself (winter holidays were expanded by two days due to inclement weather).

You see, when I am with my family, I try to be present. A good thing, yes, but that equates to little worthwhile writing spewing forth. My lack of process (sitting down to the computer with the intent to write) has left my inspiration, motivation and dedication to the craft limping. The cursor mocks me once more.

So perhaps it is high-time to take up paper and pen, head to my nearest coffee shop (solo, I need no other distractions) and get some ideas flowing. What should I write about? Who would be interested in my articles? How am I going to add the needed structure to my day to ensure that I get back on track? It is a start.

Perhaps that motivation isn’t completely dead after all.

How do you get back on the writing wagon after a lull?

2 thoughts on “Time to Brainstorm”

  1. I know that mocking cursor all too well. I’ve made a mental commitment to write something everyday, and to post at least once a week on my blog. Of course, I’ve made that commitment before, and it’s not taken me far. Des the coffee shop thing work for you? Do you s’pose it would work with decaf too?


    1. I used to go to coffee shops regularly and the experience was definitely worthwhile. There are no distractions, like laundry, the call to vacuum, or clean. The only distractions are the ones that I hope to turn into inspiration, via the people living and breathing around me. And I suspect that you could sip at anything you wanted to Patti. The point is in the being present with “me”.


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