November Networking

Autumn Maple

It’s November. It’s Friday. I am gearing up for another networking function today. This will be the third event that I have attended in the last two weeks. Normally I would be content to enjoy the blue sky, brilliant yellow leaves falling in my yard, and my weekly Friday trip to the gym, but I’ve had some reminders that I cannot be content to rest on my laurels at present.

The dentist wants his cut. Sigh…

Now is the time for me to get out and meet people. I need to smile and shine for all I am worth. I have to shake hands, take names, and sell myself for all that I am worth. It’s all about getting that foot in the door, that piqued interest, that window of opportunity to take advantage of. Power up and take no prisoners!

Can you tell that I am trying to convince myself of this right now? The hard sell is not exactly my forte. To be fair, how many artist can say that it is though? Wouldn’t we all rather spend our time creating? I know I would. Or raking leaves on a crisp Autumn day. Yeah, that sounds better.

Sorry Katherine. Today is face-to-face networking for you. Suit up. Paint on a smile. You are a Freelance Writer and people love you. Now go out there and get em!

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