Integrity: Who’s Full of It?

Better Business Bureau logo.


Apparently, London, Ontario is full of it. At least that is what I have been led to believe, thanks to an invite to attend the Better Business Bureau of Western Ontario’s 2013 Business Integrity Awards. There were four businesses that were nominated for this year’s accolades from the BBB. While there was only one official winner, I couldn’t help but feel we were all a little richer for being there. After all, we were in the presence of people who not only showcased the very best in their industry, but the cream of the crop in business integrity and values in Southwestern Ontario as well. Not to mention the fact that we were all there to congratulate them on their acumen, and were in the presence of those who had the challenging job of selecting the best of the best this year.

Not an easy task, but another example of what Londoners hold themselves to in the business world.

I was even honoured to be a guest at the table of a previous year’s winner of the coveted Business Integrity Awards. I was surrounded by integrity, honesty, truth, trust and a general goodwill to others. It was humbling, awe-inspiring, and gave me a little jolt of pride in knowing that in some small way I add to the integrity in London and beyond. I might just contribute my words, but they are the brightest words I can muster, in the best way possible. I try to be accurate and factual, as well as truthful in the relaying of my tales. They might not be for everyone, but to know that others of high integrity value my work, makes me think that I am doing a reasonable job myself.

As one presenter noted today, “Do the people in the room light up when you walk in the room; or when you walk out of it?”

That is a question to ask yourself.

As for me, I ask;

Do I belong in London? Do I embrace and evoke the best in myself and others? Do I have integrity? Better yet, do I inspire that in you?

Now that is the question…

Your words make my day. Thanks for commenting!

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