Changing Seasons

Fall Colours

Seasons of change; we all have them. As the leaves fire up reds, oranges and brilliant yellows, they signal a death of a season. It is time for a rest, renewal and a hunkering down before rebirth in the spring can begin.

This year I feel like I am reeling right along with the seasons. Change is heavy upon me, and as much as I love to travel, change just plain old scares me sometimes.

I know that good things can come of it. I do! I see a new direction in my writing. A new direction for my life as a whole, as a matter of fact. I need to take the bull by the horns, if you will. I need to seize the day! Opportunity is knocking, I just have to figure out which door to open to find it. Perhaps I even need to purge my vocabulary from all my aphorisms, euphemisms, quirky expressions,  and other eclectic saying? Hmm…

Really though, I think I need to scare off my fears and what ifs, as they do not serve me. I ask you, are they endemic to me, or to writers as a whole? What are those fears you wonder? Will I find new clients? Where should  I look for potential magazine article leads, and can I keep up the drive to make a living at the up and down world of true freelance writing? Would I do better at finding new blogging clients instead, for the security of a constant pay cheque?

You cannot answer these questions for me. I know that. I am the only one who can pick a direction and make a go at my life, such as it is. Sure a little helpful advice doesn’t hurt! Ultimately though I am just writing today, as I know that there are other writers out there that struggle with these exact same insecurities as me. We are not alone! And your answers are no better or worse than mine.

As for mine today though, I need to refocus on the dollars that are still coming in the door. I still have articles to write, so should attend to the work at hand. If you get the chance you could check out some of the other blogs that I write for. You could even put the good word out, if you happen to know of anyone who is in need of a writer to churn out some articles for them. I have written about baby products and other personalized paraphernalia, trees and tree services, real estate/house & home articles with a local flair on London, Ontario, children’s artwork and artist spotlight pieces, and even health and fitness pieces for a weight loss resort back in 2011. Give me a topic and I can research and write about almost anything!

Good luck to you during this season of change. I am looking forward to my rebirth and fresh season of spring.

Your words make my day. Thanks for commenting!

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