Change is in the air…

A client recently gave me notice that he will no longer require my services come the new year. I struggle with the fact that another client seems to be having a hard time meeting payment schedules. A third client is fine, but the work that comes in from them is minimal.

I am at a crossroads.

Is fate trying to push me in different directions? Should I try to attract new clients or go in a completely different direction altogether? I know that magazines pay better overall, but don’t necessarily have the long-term security that a regular client comes with. Do I want to go that road? Is it time to try my hand at that; become a true “freelance” writer?

Perhaps the upcoming breather in my schedule should be filled with that editing that I have been struggling with? Or maybe I should even try to write some fresh words of my own? What direction should I take my writing in?

These are things that fill my thoughts at present. Change is inevitable. It can be scary and stressful, but can also open up new doors of opportunity. Which way will it go? I am not sure, but now is the time for me to decide what I would like to do with my career.

As the seasons change, so must I, I suppose. What about you? Are the changing seasons affecting your life and writing? How do you deal with change?



4 thoughts on “Change”

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. As a freelancer, those odds aren’t fabulous, but I guess that’s the nature of the beast.

      In better news though, I have a meeting with one of my clients about them sending me more work, so that’s exciting!


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