Fired Up for Fall

School has started back again for another year. Lazy summer days are still warm in my heart and on my skin, but I have to admit that the routine that the school season brings is a welcome change. Last week was still chaotic, made moreso by the death of a close friend’s sister, but I have high hopes that things will settle back into a new sense of normalcy soon.

And with it, a return to some personal writing.

While my fingers didn’t get much of a break over the summer, all the writing that poured forth was the bare minimum for clients. I filled my quotas, but made a point of getting in some much-needed down time with my girls. We slept late, attended summer festivals in the city, escaped for beach days, packed up for camping trips with friends, and frolicked with extended family whenever we could. I suppose it could have made for some lovely blog fodder, but I indulged in just being present in the moment and let sleeping blogs lie.

But September brings an end to idleness and writing returns. This is essential for any well-rounded writer who wants to make writing a thing of joy, and hopefully into a living. Through practice, we hone our skills. Stepping away from the page is sometimes necessary, and often renews enthusiasm, but a return to regular writing gets those creative juices flowing again. I myself was blessed with a spurt of creativity this past weekend and hammered out 1800 words on a different take of a manuscript-in-the-works Saturday night. Fingers crossed that my muse doesn’t abandon me, as I think that the voice of this piece will work better than the original one. We shall have to wait and see.

How does a change in seasons affect you and your writing? Do holidays wreak havoc on your prose? Can you continue to be creative when routines get flung out the window? Here’s hoping all our writing mojos get fired up this Fall!

Summer Sunflower


2 thoughts on “Fired Up for Fall”

  1. I’m an organized person, which some people laughingly say borders on OCD. Vacation time and changes in my routine constantly disrupt my writing. It normally takes me two weeks to get back on track. I still have about week to go. . . -RB


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