Summer Loving

Summertime in the city. Last week that meant scorching heat and ridiculous humidex readings. Who can function when the temperature gets to 45°C? That is 113° in Fahrenheit for my American friends.

May I ask how many of you writers were scratching out umpteen new pages on your manuscripts? If you were smart, you would have been at the beach, ocean, or anywhere cool enough to allow your brain to re-coagulate back into proper gray matter once again. Think the library (air-conditioned) for research purposes people!

I myself have my children home from school for the summer. We have been to the beach. We have crashed friend’s pools. We have gloried in the fact that there have been no power outages in our community, thus our a/c has been chugging along constantly. I have managed to write my quota of blog posts for clients, but my efforts have shrivelled up past that point. There are festivals to attend, camping trips to plan, and adventures to be had in our very own backyard. While that might be fodder for a poetic post or two, it certainly hasn’t allowed for much time to tap out fresh content from this writer’s corner.

How do you find time to write in the summer? Do you take a hiatus from creativity? Does living outside the (computer) box take precedence over your word count? Have you connected with friends, family and fun this season?

Maybe its time to lie back and float with the currents for a while…

Summer Loving


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