Round & Round We Go…

Apparently I’ve made an appropriate choice in choosing to be a work-from-home writer. The last post I wrote spoke of the joys of working from home, and those reasons have just kept on coming in through May. We have had more vomit, lice on both kids, and resurgences of those nasty little critters on both kids in alternating weeks. I have spent more time doing laundry, than editing anything remotely akin to a book, but my clients have still gotten their word counts in.

Bully for them.

What I should be doing at present is a little invoicing, as that little task has fallen by the wayside as well. I recently got some new accounting software though, and to be perfectly frank, I am still wrapping my head around it. In fact, over the last few months I have gotten a new computer, a new accounting program, a new virus program, plus I am looking for a new vehicle. All while switching loads and hoping that I won’t go broke from the hot water bill. That’s a lot to wrap one’s head around!

Plus my clothes line broke, so I have added that to my shopping list as well. groan…

But, it’s Monday and a lighter day in my work week. I finally got time to finish another extended article for a client based on a blog post that I wrote almost a month ago (Sorry CLC!). I have started looking (barely) at the accounting, but really should pencil that in before the end of the month (It’s the 27th?!). I got the starter fixed on my van this morning, to ensure that it will at least make it to another car dealership for browsing purposes. Precious pennies paid out to have a pittance come back in for a trade-in? Bah!

As it is the last Monday of the month, at the very least I have something to look forward to this evening – my monthly book club meeting. I dare say that I won’t be contributing much though, as my voice went awol this weekend, along with my teetering sanity. A case of the sniffles has stolen any potential I might have of offering a brilliant nugget of insight on 1982, by Jian Gomeshi. The book club ladies might not be upset at that. Perhaps I will just bring a snapshot of my nerdy self from that long ago time before life’s turmoils started to broil.

And then tomorrow I’ll return to my writing. Yippee! Perhaps I’ll even find time to finish that accounting…

Round and round we go…

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