Working From Home

Goodness, it looks like I am a little lax in fulfilling my role as writer this month. Barely a word posted here! I have still been plugging away at my other blogging responsibilities, but life seems to have gotten in the way of my freelance writing. Or more specifically, my words penned for self.

I cannot castigate myself though.

This month is why I have chosen the path of work-at-home-mother (WAHM). Both my children were sick over the span of two weeks. My eldest was home barfing for three days the first week (sorry, but I am still working on getting my vocabulary back up to speed. Is vomit better? Not when you have to wash it off beds, clothes, floors and out of hair). Once she recovered, my youngest took over with a fever that bobbed up and down for the better part of the following week. She was only at home one day, but came home early the day before and I picked her up in tears the two days before that due to her aches and pains. I felt horrible, dosed her up on pain meds and tried to still play Mommy to my other daughter. Doctor appointments confirmed nothing other than she would probably be fine in a few days. Which she eventually was.

All the while I still had writing to do.

So what do you do with a sick child when life refuses to stop? You fit in writing when sick kids are napping. You finish articles after everyone has gone to bed. You jump up from the laptop, praying that autosave will kick in, while you are holding hair out of the toilet bowl. And you let go of the little things that don’t matter as much as your child needing you. Work is work and will get fit in when necessary. My new laptop hasn’t let me down yet and I haven’t let my kids down either.

Perhaps one day I will return to a Monday to Friday 9 – 5 gig, but being  the number one support system for my family when they need me most is one of the best perks of working from home. So I think I will keep on keeping on at home for a little while yet.

Why do you work from home?

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3 thoughts on “Working From Home”

  1. Kudos to you….I am a work from home freelance writer, sans the kids, and I still find it difficult to find time in the midst of all that goes on at home …and I often wonder how mothers with young children cope…either way working from home is totally worth it….


    1. This month has been rough, as we’ve had one thing after another at my house. The fact that I can get work done after regular hours is huge though. No lost wages when I have to pick the kids up from school at a moment’s notice. Nothing more than potential lack of sleep 😉


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