Inspiration Sources

As a writer, where do you get your inspiration from? Are you a list maker that writes down ideas as they come to you? Do you start with a thought/word and create cloud bursts of ideas to run with on future topics? Have you tried scanning the newspaper or other news headlines for current topics of interest to spin off your own article for?

Or are you a “stare at the flashing cursor” kind of writer, hoping, begging and pleading for an idea to flash upon your inner scribe with a topic of brilliance that everyone will be thrilled with?

Darn it all if that cursor has got me down as of late. I am on the computer constantly, and try to keep abreast of the bigger headlines that cross my path. While I could expound on any number of those stories, I rarely do. I don’t often see hard-copies of newspapers anymore, but my local paper has become so thin that I fear it wouldn’t provide me with much fodder anyway. A writing teacher I once had, suggested the humble flyer could even be a source of inspiration. I have to admit that the price of beef doesn’t exactly get my creative juices flowing though. Unless it is for a new recipe idea? Hmm…

Where else does inspiration come from? A leaf falling from the sky might equate to an article on the changes we go through in life. An overheard conversation in a coffee shop might have you penning the start to the next best romance novel. The last book you read might get you thinking  about a book review or similar storyline of your own to create. I know that inspiration is everywhere, but that damned writer’s block still gets me down on occasion.

But today, I sat down and typed some fresh words for myself (and you).

I had time to read an article by Richard Branson about advice, and somehow that got me to thinking (lightbulb moment – inspiration!). He talked about words of wisdom and how they stuck with him through life. His biggest source of wisdom was his Mum. Of course he suggested that most people’s Moms are probably a good source of wisdom, and I have to agree with him there. My own Mother is a source of constant love and support in all that I do, even when she might not agree with my path. She has encouraged my writing from my first sappy poem written in one of her birthday cards to my present role of freelance writer and blogger. I like to think my writing has gotten better since then, but sometimes that path is still questionable.

Maybe the lesson I should take today is clear though in thinking about Mom. My Mother has always believed in me. Whether the path is straight and narrow or covered with forks in the road, she knows that I will move along the route in my own good time. As long as I put one foot in front of the other and believe, I will keep growing, learning and getting better at the writing process, and in turn the game of life. I just have to keep the faith that the path is there.

Because wherever it leads, the path is always there and inspiration will be found.

Whether we see it or not, the path is always there
Whether we see it or not, the path is always there

What is your path? Do you have any words of wisdom for me? Where do you find your favourite source inspiration? 


7 thoughts on “Inspiration Sources”

  1. I get most of my inspiration from reading USA true crime sites, and amalgamate it with ideas I have created over the years.


    1. If you are writing crime stories, then you definitely have a wealth of inspiration at your fingertips skimming USA true crime sites. Sadly, crime isn’t going anywhere any time soon.
      Thanks for sharing @artemisforfiction


  2. My problem is that story ideas can start with something small (a watch) or large (the beach). It’s the characters that tell me of their journeys/trials/adventures. My only words of wisdom – spending time with fellow writers/artists to keep the positive motivation going.


    1. I like those words of wisdom @tommiaw. I used to participate in weekly writing memes and they really helped to give that kick in the pants that I sometimes needed. When someone is expecting something of you, it can force your hand and that can be a great thing when you are facing writer’s block. Having people interact within the blog forum is the motivation I love, so thank you for keeping me going today.


  3. inspiration is when i have confidence in myself. i keep doing new things that might not work. enough of them do for me to keep at it. tony


    1. Ah, confidence. It is a necessary thing, but sometimes tricky for those of us in the writing genre. Good for you for pushing yourself and keeping at it Tony. Hearing stories like that inspires others to keep at it too. Thanks for stopping by & sharing.


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