Just write. Take the time to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard every day. It might be crap. You might surprise yourself with a brilliant nugget of prose. Or you just might start your next best novel, short story, essay, poem, blog post, or whatever other form of writing you tackle.

So stop procrastinating. I am. I don’t suspect this will turn into an award-winning post, but I need to keep my muse fed. Not all my words need to turn into stellar sentences, as much as I might like them to. Sadly, I know that will not always be the case. But the more I write, the better that writing becomes. Whether the words be for me or written for another, the longer I practice my trade, the more eloquent my words are. In fact, the better my understanding of sentence structure becomes. And the crisper I am able to translate my thoughts to you.

For every comma placed just so and every period slammed right there; I WRITE, Write, write some more. It takes practice to get good at any task. Writing is no different.

So get writing! And don’t forget what comes after the words flow out of you…

Source: skreened.com via Tricia on Pinterest

It’s time to go back and edit.

What have you written lately?

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