Giving Thanks for Being a Writer

It is Thanksgiving this weekend in Canada. As that happens to be where I live, that equates to a holiday on Monday. It also means getting together with family to feast, frolic and stuff in as much fun as we can. As my immediate family doesn’t live in the same city as me, it is a time to give thanks in itself. I am grateful that I have family that loves me, whom I love with all my heart in return.

Before any of that feasting and frolicking can commence, some planning needs to be done though. As I work from home and include a client from out-of-country in my roster, I have to remember that it is not a holiday for them. That means some writing needs to be accomplished beforehand and scheduled, so that I do not have to cut my holidays short. Aside from the fact that I will be out of town, my children will also be enjoying that extra day off from school, so sliding in that writing during an extra minute or too will bring joy to more than just myself. As I set my own hours, I can do that (as well as bake a pie, buy supplies for my share of the Thanksgiving feast  and fuel the vehicle for the 2 1/2 hour commute). No problem!

For any of you aspiring writers out there that think the life of a freelancer is ideal, on days like Monday, you might assume so. Of course I don’t get holiday pay, but I’m alright with that in the grand scheme of things. I can rearrange my work schedule to make sure that everything gets done beforehand (headaches are free in this industry too, just so you know). It means possibly working later hours leading up to scheduled breaks, like vacations or holidays, but that comes with the job. Either that or it equals a reduced pay cheque. Your choice.

Knowing that a few more words need to be tapped out before I can call it quits for the weekend, speeds up these thoughts to you though. An article needs to be penned and some social media fraternizing is demanded, but its lunchtime and the pie beckons. I might have to return to the computer after the kids go to bed (wouldn’t be the first time), but a late-night cocktail will soften that blow. And family awaits me.

It is good and I am thankful that this is what life looks like right now. It might not be 9-5, but it suits me just fine and I am grateful of the path I walk. What are you thankful for this weekend?


Your words make my day. Thanks for commenting!

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