Suggestions to Sideswipe Writer’s Block

Fall might be the season of change, but it is also the beginning of a period of hibernation for many creatures great and small. While us lowly humans don’t get that long winter’s rest that bears enjoy, we do enter a quieter time. I often find myself more reflective as the year comes to an end. My thoughts drift to days gone by and I dwell on the year in passing.

I am not quite there just yet though.

Home Canning Project

We are only a few days into Autumn and while I do find myself slowing down from summer fun, my brain seems to still be on vacation. I have been inspired to prep for the coming winter with canning, cleaning and decluttering, but as far as my writing goes, it seems to be a hard push to craft anything creative! In professional circles, this is labelled as the dreaded WRITER’S BLOCK.

Now, don’t get me wrong! I have still been typing away at my laptop on a daily basis. Client’s needs have to be met and my muse is still capable of conjuring interesting articles that are blog-worthy for them. When it comes time to tickle a tanka or scribe a sonnet, I am sadly at a loss though. Sure, I have suggestions a plenty to write for my blog-for-hire posts. Lists are always handy to turn to when you are bereft of inspiration and can certainly be a life-saver when you are in that state of mind and crunched for time. In fact, the humble list is capable of holding readers interest for longer than many another post, I’ve been told.

I can believe it.

My suggestion to others who might be suffering a similar fate to mine are thus;


  • brainstorm for ideas on topics you are interested and knowledgeable about
  • make a list, a cloud, or an anagram of those ideas (the more potential topics to choose from the better!)
  • join a meme for inspiration when the page still looks blank
  • scan the headlines for what’s hot in the world today
  • go back into your archives to see what topics were popular & revisit them
  • walk away from the page and get inspiration from the street (a little fresh air can do wonders for a stifled brain)
  • choose a different location to write in for a time (hit the coffee shop, library or maybe even a museum)
Where is your Muse hiding?

4 thoughts on “Suggestions to Sideswipe Writer’s Block”

    1. Love your post on procrastination Becca. I write every day, but more often than not those words are for others. Digging for words that I can claim as MINE is sometimes harder. Perhaps I will have to drop the highbrow and roll around in a little more humour. 🙂



      1. Well I will say humor isn’t always easy either. I wrote on Saturday, that I make people laugh. Now people bump into me and say “say something funny”. It is always a what the hell moment.


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