Let’s Be Friends

I did say something about not necessarily being overly prolific here, right? Yes, well, what can I say? Summertime takes a bite out of most people’s timelines and I am no different. It was hard enough to keep up with my client’s work, let alone make new entries in my creative blog. Adding another blog to the mix right at the beginning of summer break wasn’t exactly the best timing on my part, but no matter.

Don’t let me fool you though. I have made some changes to this blog. And what is that, you ask? Check out those fancy tabs up at the top there. Go ahead and click on one, and tell me that I haven’t thought about what I want to create here. This space is about me, but even moreso, it is about you and how I might be able to help you along in your vision of writing. Writing can sometimes be a lonely career path, but if we can help each other out, we just might make a friend or two along the way.

So what say you?


Your words make my day. Thanks for commenting!

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